Dream with Booty

Dreaming of a booty indicates that we will have more benefits than expected. On the one hand, in business you will get many sales and get new customers. On the other hand, in the professional sense it augurs an increase or a better labor supply.

If you take a part of the loot in your dream, it suggests that you are leading your life the wrong way, the easy life could bring you problems later. Greed would mean the loss of many friends and complicate their family relationships.

If they give us a small share of the loot in the dream, it would mean that we are not comfortable at work or feel undervalued. The poor power that some people inflict on their environment would not facilitate this situation at work.

If you dream of a booty full of coins, it portends new challenges in your life, but be cautious in your decisions. Otherwise, this premotion could negatively affect your person both economically and socially.


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