Dream with Trumpet

The trumpet in dreams means to warn someone about their behavior, this person can cause many problems in their environment. Therefore, you will look like a bitter person, but not be. In some situations you will lose the confidence of your peers, but it will have to be necessary for everyone to live together peacefully.

The dream of a trumpet or bugle is an indication that you are at the limit of established times. On the one hand, if you play the trumpet, it means that your wishes will soon be fulfilled. On the other hand, in case you hear the trumpet augura stress for the times of delivery in your projects or goals set.

Usually trumpet dreams symbolize the personality and emotions we are going through. He may be embarrassed by his relationship, looking for where he will take the affair or doubting it.

The trumpet in the dream also augur events and disturbances that you will have. Also, at work you would be under a lot of pressure, causing you discomfort in your health. The recommended thing is to take a few days off so that you can reorganize your work.

If the sound of the trumpet in the dream is pleasant, indicates next economic success. This premonition is pleasing to the dreamer, because he would be better prepared to face new situations that are present. On the contrary, if the sound is sad or melancholic, it is a sign of illness or death of a loved one.

To dream with several sounds of trumpets is a clear example of warning, because situations will arise that you can not assume or will be too complex, affecting you very emotionally.


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