Dream with To Break

Dreaming of breaking a part of your person, whether by a fracture or injury is an indication of guilt and morale has been damaged. It also indicates stumbling and loss in your personal and work affairs.

If you had repetitions breaking objects in your sleep, you notice annoyances at home and emotional instability. If you are not patient in solving the problems you face with your partner you could end up in a sentimental breakup.

Breaking furniture in the dream is an indication of fights and arguments with your closest relatives. This, may have been affected by third parties either a lover or a malicious subject.

If you break glass (glasses or glasses) in your dream predicts prosperity and positive energy in your environment. If you have a business it is an indication of better sales and more customers in your industry.

Being breaking clothes in the dream is interpreted as his conflicts of restlessness and stress, as well as mismanagement in his work life.


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