Dream with Curtains

Dreaming with an old or dirty curtain, foreshadows sickness and sadness. The issues you are going to take may not come out as you expected and bring more problems with you than solutions.

Dreaming that they remove curtains, means that they will go away and will return the positive energy to their surroundings. Also, much happiness and success in business.

The curtain in the dream indicates that you want to hide things from personal life to other people, this could favor you if you encounter individuals who only try to hurt you. Therefore, it is necessary to be cautious or to be necessary to end your friendship with people who can do you harm.

Removing the curtains in your dream of oneself, insinuates to find the truth or the reason of the problems that lurks to him, because with this you will be able to know better his adversaries or the reason of these. Running the curtains means being spiritually cleaned of what bothers you or inconveniences you.

The dream with curtains represents separation or division of elements, since it is usually a portent of bad omen. In some situations it is also related to the morals or ethics of your professional life or business. Therefore, you should pay attention to the detail of your situation and try to improve it so you do not have problems with the law.


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