Dream with Money

Dreaming of money means a lot of prosperity and good fortune. It is a dream that will give you greater security and confidence in your person. Your self-esteem will rise and be able to solve any problem you have.

Money in the dream is an indication of sexuality and power in your relationship. It is a vigorous and mutually satisfying dream with your partner.

If you dream about losing money, it augurs vulnerability and insecurity in your life. It is possible that your projects are paused or are not performing as you wanted.

Dreaming that you receive gold money symbolizes economic abundance, you will not have financial problems and you can indulge in whims. He would make the trips he was longing for and buy the car or house he was waiting for.

If you dream of an abundance of money or fail to see the end of it is an omen that will be bankrupt and may affect you emotionally. Beware of excesses in general, because they often represent the opposite of what you dreamed of.

To dream with money but that are currencies, means that will be in economic difficulties by forces external to the dreamer. You should take more care of your cats and spend the money unnecessarily, and not be living above your income.


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