Dream with Bandoneon

To dream that we play a bandoneon means that we are about to face external threats or adversities in the relationship. Therefore, it is better to talk with the couple about the intimacies, to prevent third parties spoil their love relationship.

If you are listening closely to a bandoneon, indicate that you can have fun and celebrate your holidays without worries. On the contrary, if you are hearing from afar, problems in health or love are likely to come.

Dreaming about buying a bandoneon means that you will have financial problems and can make your commitments or I will be in a lot of trouble. In addition, he suggests that he may have been cheated by relatives or close friends.

If you dream of tuning a bandoneon, it means that you have succeeded in achieving your goals successfully, despite the challenges you have had, will allow you to have great satisfaction and probable professional advancement or upgrades.

To play in his dream a bandoneón, presage good loving and familiar relations. A pleasant and fun social environment. Free from worries in the professional or your business.


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