Dream with Demon

Dreaming with the devil (satan) augurs a negative environment and nothing good for you. The dreamer can suffer rare illness and conflicts with their sentimental relationships.

Being fighting the demon in the dream means that your enemies are very strong. These conflicts you may have with your opponents, will be difficult to resolve and consequently in your person.

If the devil (devil) in his dream is friendly and smiling is an indication that will be in business of dubious ethics and will lead to discredit and credibility of his person. This dream can be dangerous if you are doing sloppy job duties because your enemies will be able to take advantage of any stumbling blocks to damage you.

If the demon in the dream has money and power, he predicts economic loss until he reaches poverty. Remember not to waste on superfluous things, since with the possible financial downfall you can go bankrupt.

If she is a woman and dreams of demons, her close friendships are likely to lose confidence in her person. Your bad reputation may be influenced by the bad manners you are doing at home or at work.

To dream of speaking to the devil means that you will soon receive betrayals from your closest friend or family member. It is also an indication of deception and disappointment in their environment.


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