Dream with Bank

Dreaming about a clean bench in a public place and chatting with unknown people is a clue you should avoid telling your personal affairs to anyone, as these subjects would try to hurt you with the information you have provided yourself.

The banking in some situations is an indication of bad omen. Suggests concerns and conflicts with your partner and family. In case of meeting a friend on a particular bank will be a complicated and difficult to carry relationship.

Depending on the physical characteristics of the bank in the dream can be interpreted with revelations that will have. If it is clean the bench is a symbol of tolerance, and emotional stability in your home. On the contrary, if it is dirty and broken it predicts problems and distress with its relatives and close friends.

If you are in a bank and carry out paperwork in your bank account in the dream means economic losses and while the amounts handled are in large numbers, the greater the problems to solve.

The essence of the banking system is to safeguard the money saved to generate greater interest and security, but in the dream it is an indication of the values, capacities and energies that it keeps inside its person.


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