Dream with Disorder

To dream of disorder in the public way indicates that the dreamer is not paying attention to the events that surround his community. It is also an indication of having problems with authority and lack of values ​​with people close to you.

Having a wardrobe or closet totally messy in the dream predicts that your life does not carry a balance in your body, you should pay better attention to your health.

Seeing a kitchen in the dream and finding it messy suggests disappointments and disagreements in working life. If it is a woman is an indication that soon will have financial problems of long duration and complicated solution.

If he dreams of disorder in his room or table, he foresees inconveniences with his relatives, either because of the lack of money or the lack of understanding in the affairs that they attribute to the dreamer.

If you see a filthy filing cabinet is a sign that your life is not prepared to face the new challenges of life. On the other hand, it is an indication that the dreamer does not learn from the mistakes made in the past and therefore can not improve his future.

Dreaming with a messy bed indicates that your real life is met with stress and discomfort by the attitudes of your loved ones causing you disappointment in spite of working for them in full.

If in the dream you cause the disorder implies that your attitude generates conflicts and unpleasant challenges with your superiors, which will not only affect the dreamer but also your loved ones.


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