Dream with Bag

Dreaming portfolios or traveling bags suggests that you are longing to make a long journey, or a change in your way of life and in employment or business. The possibility of realizing that longing depends on how the suitcase (new and beautiful, old and ugly, broken, etc.) is seen.

If the suitcase is lost or disappears, it suggests that there will be frustrations and little chance of success in the desired. Dreaming about a voluminous and heavy portfolio suggests that he is overburdened with work and commitment, so he seeks a change of pace in his life.

Dreaming a suitcase of any kind, full (of whatever it is) means prosperity. This dream suggests that savings should be sought, avoiding all waste in preventing bad times.

The suitcases announce the need for changes: either work or housing. In dreams, dreaming of luggage or luggage represents the desires, needs and concerns that you feel and that weigh you in real life. You should try to reduce your excess problems and desires and relax a bit.

If you dream about suitcases that are full, happy changes are anticipated. Dreaming about empty bags means sadness.


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