Dream with Ferocity

Dreams of ferocity are usually interpreted as something negative or that our plans do not work in the way we thought, which will cause us inconvenience or anguish.

To dream that we are with an attitude of ferocity, indicates that we are not acting well with the people around us, especially with women. If we do not change our attitude, it will prevent us from achieving our proposed goals.

To dream with a face of ferocity or angry, insinuates to us that our sentimental relations will fail or there is a great possibility that the goals that have been proposed are not realized. Therefore, you should calm down and meditate or think to improve things.

To dream that an animal attacks us with a ferocity, means that we can not control our emotions and that can generate damages to us at corporal or psychological level.

To dream that we witness the ferocity generating damage to a person, especially to minors, is a sign that the external problems or foreign to us, that will end up affecting to us of one way or another.


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