Dream with Hanged

Meeting a person hanged in your dream means that you will soon have complicated situations in your family environment and close friendships, indirectly affecting your emotional and physical health.

If it is a young man dreaming of a gallows or being hanged, he represents that his relationship is complicated and his partner may be deceiving. Also, promises you will not keep and you will be at the limit of your patience.

To dream that soon they will hang him, indicates that this surrounds of negative energies in its surroundings, full of falsehoods and calumnies of its enemies. It is advisable to move away from these people to avoid getting hurt.

If you find yourself saving a person from the gallows, it represents many successes in your business. Higher sales and better margin of profit of goods or services. Professionally he is likely to be decorated with his attitudes to service.

Dreaming by hanging your enemy, you predict that you are going in the right way to achieve your goals. It is a dream of good omen so that he can carry out his projects without complications, nor delays.

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