Dream with Wheat

When we dream of wheat it symbolizes that we will gain personal and professional prosperity, give us emotional and economic benefits, or that our goals or aspirations can be achieved.

To dream that we are harvesting wheat, on the economic side means that we will have a lot of money or profits in your business, on the love side will also have pleasant benefits or that you will meet a new couple that will make you very happy.

To dream that we eat wheat, tells us that we will not go through economic problems and that you can save money for your personal projects or consolidating them.

If he dreams that he is sowing wheat, he insinuates us that every effort is worthwhile, that soon he will give us fruits and economic benefits, we just have to be patient and constant so that we get what we want.

Dreaming of wheat means happiness and good relationships both personal and professional, is a welcome signal to give joy and intertwine family ties.

If we dream of destroying a wheat field, it tells us that we must be careful of our property, take precautions with the people around us or have just met to avoid any kind of emotional and economic destabilization.

If we see in our dream a wheat in bad condition or that can not be consumed is a sign that we must worry or take the corresponding measures, because we will have economic shortages or misery, also broken love relationships.

If we dream that we are loading wheat in bulk or sacks means that soon we will commit or marry, that we will have many emotional benefits for us and our whole family, with very encouraging prospects.

If we see harvesting wheat, it tells us that our enemies or people who want to harm us will fail in their attempt, since you will take the lead with your decisions, just be cautious and take solutions thinking twice.

If we dream of buying wheat indicates that every effort is worthwhile, our times will come, economic, health and sentimental that will help us improve our self-esteem in all aspects and we can make our projects come true.

Dreaming of wheat means abundance, economic growth, job advancement or promotion, increased sales of your business, and beneficial sentimental relationships.

Dreaming immense wheat fields, suggests that in business can grow without problems, will generate many benefits and that if not used to reinvest could hurt you or lose your business competitiveness.

If you dream of seeing wheat on your bed, this will be a benefit and you will soon have a new member in your family, if the woman was the one who dreamed that you are pregnant and if you are a man, you will not only increase but probably have twins Or twins.


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