Dream with Meat

Dreaming of spoiled flesh means that your physical and emotional state are having a bad time or are under a lot of stress. It is advisable to get away from people who negatively influence you.

Red meats in sleep are generally bad luck or find themselves in a negative environment. On the one hand, if it is a woman dreaming is an indication of disillusionment of its goals. On the other hand, in a man can indicate the loss of his work.

Dreaming of raw meat is a bad omen, foreshadows sickness with difficult treatment, poverty or bankruptcy and bad luck in general.

The white meats are profitable for the dreamer. If it is a poultry vaticine happiness and much success. If it is a fish, it means quick profit in your business.

Eating pork is an indication of criminal acts or badly earned money. Your conscience is uneasy about what happened or may happen from the business you have had, this could cause you much stress with later illness. It is better to do things right without harming others.

Beef in the dream is an announcement of security and trust. It also insinuates abundance in his family and the possible birth of a son who was waiting so long.

Dreaming about eating beef is a sign of general malaise or your health will deteriorate over time, either because of a lack of self-control of the person or the negative environment surrounding it.

Dreaming on a grill with seasoned meat hints that your personal and work affairs are going according to plan. He must be vigilant of every step he takes, to prevent bad people from taking away his effort and sacrifice.


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