Dream with Scratch

To dream of digging is an indication of effort and sacrifice in taking forward the problems that it has. He also predicted that he would try by all means to find out the truth about the issues that directly affected you.

Finding yourself digging in the dream and getting something to see is an indication of your work or work that you have done lately is having results. On the other hand, he augura that he must open his mind to new proposals or trends that mark the market, so as to be able to not lose competitiveness of its functions.

If you dig a piece of land and find water means that your effort has not been enough and therefore you will have to be patient and improve your proposals in the commitments you have acquired.

To dream to be digging on the ground and see something bright inside it predicts that you will get good results in business and will improve your social position as long as you know how to take advantage of the opportunities that are present.

Scraping on the floor in the dream and then emitting dirty or dark water indicates that your enemies will try to harm you in your work or business. It also indicates that the projects it merges will have failures and conflicts with its partners.


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