Dream with Goat

Dreaming of white goats hints that she will soon triumph in her goals, as well as receiving good news.

To dream attacked by a furious goat suggests that there are nearby enemies who intend to harm him in some way, for example, theft, slander, espionage, falsification of documents, etc.

Dreaming by the horns of a goat or goat hints that success is near in its business, as well as that the enemies or competitors will be defeated; But if in the dream the goat or goat wins in the struggle with the dreamer, indicates that he must take maximum precautions with respect to his enemies, whether known or not.

Dreaming a herd of goats grazing calmly hints that it will achieve economic and health gains and benefits. When in this dream the countryside appears barren or with very poor pastures and consequently the herd is weak, it implies that poverty approaches the dreamer.

To dream a dead goat, and if it is worse black, implies that the dreamer feels incapable for many activities and that he feels sexually impotent, mentality that naturally leads to failure in everything he undertakes.

A woman who dreams that she drinks goat milk indicates she wants to marry a wealthy man, not caring about love or the future. A woman especially if she is young, who dreams riding a goat insinuates unsatisfied sexual desires.


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