Dream with Run Over

Dreaming of abuse means injustice and is the victim of scams or disappointments. Dreams of abuse in general are the internal expression of concern for finding a solution to their economic situation or bureaucratic entity.

If in the dream you are running over a killer it means that the person who is bothering your personal affairs, stops doing it or is in danger of being harmed. But, you must be careful to avoid excesses to avoid greater problems than you already have.

If you hit a woman in her sleep is an indication that your relationship is in danger or great challenges still to overcome. On the contrary, if the woman does not suffer damage in the accident, it suggests more compression with the couple.

If you are being saved from an outrage in the dream, predict that you should listen to the advice of your family or friends, as they have had the experience and can help in the best way.

If we dream of a run-down and dead rat, it tells us that we have the possibility of ending an enemy in a definitive way, but at the same time tells us to be cautious, since there is a risk that that enemy will be so affected that until it reaches It seems that we have committed an outrage.


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