Dream with River

When a woman dreams of swimming or simply bathing in clean, transparent water that slides smoothly, it can mean that she feels satisfied with herself, enjoys good health and the sincere love of a man, as well as the sympathy of several People, which could give it social prestige.

To dream of any stream of clean, crystal clear water is the announcement of new opportunities, perhaps at work, in business or in love. To dream a stream or pipe, or any other dirty, muddy and pestilent stream of water, announces diverse evils and diseases that are developing in the dreamer.

Dreaming a river of clear water is the announcement of a peaceful, quiet and successful life that promises a pleasant future. To dream a river of turbulent and dirty or muddy waters means the opposite.

To dream sailing in a river of calm waters in some places and fast in others, is announcement of ups and downs in the subjects that are being handled, or in the social or sentimental life. Dreaming of a dry river is a negative sign that means failure in what is planned, diseases, etc.


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