Dream with Virgin

Dreaming of a Virgin, indicates that she is very sad or is having a bad time. But if you see a virgin it is probable that a person will infect her positive energy to overcome her bad moment and renew her strength.

Normally the Virgin in dreams represents, a religious sense, of goodness and to work well with the neighbor. This will give you happiness and happiness with which you can share with your family and friends in a sincere and unbiased way.

If we see the Virgin crying in her dream, it is an omen that we are doing things wrong or that her spirit is distressed. To do this, you must find the cause or reason for the problems. Usually it is for having offended other people without intention of damaging it, but this has had repercussions on negative energies towards his person.

The Virgin in dreams means well-being and glorious life with great faith. He is a person who despite all the adversities he has had, he has been able to successfully overcome the challenges posed. Therefore, the appearance that presages very good omens as long as you maintain your optimism.

If in her dream she responds angrily to the Virgin, she indicates that she is in a stage of great tension. On the one hand, he tries to overcome a trauma experienced in his childhood. On the other hand, it manifests the desire to get rid of mistakes made in the past, which causes in you guilt and disappointment.


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