Dream with Rubber

To dream of wearing rubber garments suggests that due to our efforts and good performance we will get great distinctions and rewards.

Dreaming with a eraser, represents your adaptability and versatility before the situations. It can also be related to sex, confusing it with condoms or gums.

See or feel in dreams that our limbs are made of rubber hints that we feel some kind of dissatisfaction with our current behavior, and we need to be held accountable a little more. It will be necessary to give the required importance to the issues we are handling.

If you dream that you use the word “rubber” in your vulgar sense you will be easy to please when choosing fun and companions.

If in the dream we see ourselves working a rubber indicates that we will enjoy some freedoms when carrying out some projects at work, it also portends affective relationships lacking in seriousness.

To dream that you are erasing with a rubber or observing another erasing, means that things slip. It does not matter what you criticize or what happens around you. You go to yours and do not affect anything.

If it is a paste and we were using it, it is because we do not want anything to escape us, we want to have everything under control, tied and tied.

Tendency to neglect. What may be helpful in some circumstances will be detrimental in others.

To dream that one is dressed in rubber clothes is a sign that he will be honored because of his constant and invariable position of purity and morality.

If the rubber clothes are frayed or worn, that indicates that one should be careful with his behavior as the scandal is ready to attack his reputation.


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