Dream with Shoemaker

Dreaming taking children’s shoes to the shoemaker is an indication of an immature person or problems with his or her child. You should have more patience with the minors and be more cautious with the words you say, since children in general are very sensitive to any kind of negative energy.

Dreaming that you are the shoemaker means controlling your life, you have everything targeted in order to achieve your goals. The fixing of shoes indicates to be improving of little but sure and of a calmer life without needing to obtain many accomplishments in the short term.

If he dreams that the shoemaker broke or destroyed his shoes, it is a bad omen for the dreamer. On the one hand, he predicts emotional problems with his family or friends. On the other hand, you find yourself losing out on business or business, and this would cause depression and insecurity.

If a woman dreams of a shoemaker it means that her partner strives to meet their needs, whether in love, understanding or work at home. But you must take care of the relationship so that it can last in time.


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