Dream with Lantern

Dreaming that we see muffled lanterns indicates that there are some confusions that prevent us from advancing in our projects, but in case of seeing it in a dim light or turning off is a presage of losses at a professional level, problems that will require all our commitment to avoid frustration.

The fatigue due to your situation will be attenuated by a person facing your heart. There are signs of a near improvement, as long as you remain lucid and alert. If the light of the lantern increases its intensity indicates that we will obtain the success faster than expected. To dream of a lamp or street lamp means that you expect someone, whom you consider your friend, to prove, because at the moment he needs it.

Dreaming that we turn on a lantern symbolizes that we are about to undertake a new project, we have already evaluated the situations and it is advisable to start our plans. If we see ourselves in the dream repairing or cleaning the bluff indicates that we will only obtain the expected success by making appropriate and dedicated decisions.

To see a bluff in your dream, which denotes someone you least expect is going to be a great friend in your hour of need. To dream that we buy a lantern indicates that we will be able to find the solutions and solutions to the problems that we are facing.


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