Dream with Sandals

To dream of sandals or shoes put means that one or several people of their surroundings find themselves in disputes and problems; And ask your help to make a decision to end those nonsense lawsuits for you.

Being with sandals broken or very deteriorated in sleep is an indication of seeing a not very pleasant message and your current situation will aggravate the problem.

Depending on the color of the sandal can change its meaning, for example: green suggests being pious with the opponent; The color black, have lots of money; The yellow color augura disease; The crimson color highlights an arranged woman and good presence.

Walking with a sandal in the dream predicts dislikes and separation of material goods or sentimental rupture. Forgetting the sandals in a stream represents the loss or death of your partner. On the contrary, rescuing the sandals from the water promises healing and healing of his wife.

Stripping off sandals or shoes in the dream predicts great challenges with enough benefit for the dreamer. The loose sandals are a good omen, since you can face everyday situations with great ease.


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