Dream with Car

To dream that you are getting into a car or car indicates that a trip that is already in mind will happen soon, but in conditions other than as had been thought.

Dreaming driving a car in a place or street where there are many people indicates successes, but also envy that try to thwart what has already been achieved.

Dreaming that you are getting off a car or car hints that what started well is likely to end badly if you do not watch the details.

To dream of driving a car on a road where mountains are elevated to the front, indicates the desire to climb posts to reach important hierarchies, which is possible to do based on work, constancy and effort.

To dream that you are guiding a car or car in a place where there are many people indicates successes, but it can also indicate envy that tries to frustrate what has already been achieved.

Dreaming many cars in motion hints that in the immediate future short trips will be made and also that issues that disturb tranquility will be quickly handled.

If you dream that you are driving an old car, it is a warning that everything bad that can happen to you will be your fault, perhaps due to your inability to self-overcome.

Dreaming anguished for losing his own car, but then finds it, indicates that the present setbacks will soon pass.

The odds and the time that they present themselves in the dream to find and recover the car are the same that they will mediate to solve their problems.

If we dream that we are accompanied by someone who has already left this world, it means that someone accompanies us in spirit, that is, he tells us that he is our guardian angel and that we can trust him or her, as long as it is Someone we appreciate.

If we dream that we are grabbing the door of a car that is moving (in some places they call it fly travel), it means that in our day life it is difficult for us to live together with the people we see inside the vehicle or who simply no longer We want to live with them.

Dreaming about driving a car with someone and causing an accident, hints that their affairs are going well and runs the risk of ending abruptly and with negative results.

To dream that someone witchcraft to our car means that there is someone who wants to harm us and use whatever means at their disposal to carry it out; Which advises us to be cautious and take the necessary precautions.

To dream of being saved from being hit by a car implies that the dreamer should be away from doubtful situations or businesses, light loves and rivalries of all kinds; In short, is a warning to withdraw from anything that is not very clear in the mind of the dreamer.

If we dream that we travel tight, means that we see around us, by whom or who we travel tight; In real life we ​​feel pressured by that person or it is difficult for us to live with.


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