Dream with Stone

Dreaming of stones represents communication or important messages. On the one hand, it is an indication of sharing information from time immemorial. On the other hand, the information contained in it predicts that it will be very old or past, would not necessarily be current.

The stones in dreams signify the immovable beliefs, customs or traditions of the dreamer. Therefore, morality and ethics are important in making decisions about the messages that the rock can display.

Dreaming of broken or scattered stones augurs low self-esteem. You are in search of recognition of your identity. He must be careful not to fall into banalities to develop his personality, on the contrary, it is better to self-evaluate the good and bad points of oneself.

If you dream loading stones means a great capacity to manage projects, without anyone loving you and without harming your principles. Your convictions will help to improve your professional work when treating your team of equal condition.

To dream with stones in its way, is an indication that will have challenges to assume or problems to solve. Obstacles must assume responsibility and commitment to find a reasonable and reasonable solution to their capabilities.


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