Dream with Domino

The dominoes indicate falsehood, hypocrisy and that should apply to people who appear in the dream.

To dream of gaining in the domino indicates vanity, a certain mastery over problems and enmities, but not in an honest way, which will arouse grudges in some and admiration in others, especially in shameless and immoral minds, all of which will somehow manifest itself in the real life.

Dreaming that you are playing dominoes and winning, predicts you will be drawn into the sinful pleasures, which will bring much anguish to your family and relatives. To dream that you are playing dominate and lose, denotes that your indiscretion with the opposite gender will bring much ease to a friend who has a lot of concern for their safety.

If you lose, a friend will insult you. If he wins, lower class people will admire him. It is a dream of innocent pleasures, but if in the dream one puts excessive passion in the game and this one is lost, it predicts indiscretions, whereas if it is gained it reveals the desire to be flattered.


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