Dream with Drought

Dreams with drought often indicate the opposite, that is to say will achieve abundance or very good economic benefits. On the other hand, in the work insinuates greater concentration and dedication to their work.

If you have an extensive field of drought and yellow vegetation, predict conflicts with your friends and family, you will need advice to overcome this stage. In business, it is best to keep certain clients at bay to avoid conflicts that could damage your emotional health.

If you are in a country with many internal conflicts and dreaming of drought, it predicts family misfortunes and natural disasters. War tensions and drought are signs of blood, death and much sadness.

If you see a cracked earthfield due to a drought, it augurs that your soul is contaminated by bad energies, the product of noxious people in your environment. In this situation, you must get rid of these individuals as soon as possible.

Drought is an indication of spiritual and physical lack. Personal limitations will not help improve the situation, you will have to use all your creativity so that in this way you can overcome and improve your self-esteem.


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