Dream with Will

To dream that you are writing or signing your will, means looking to the future. A new stage of his life is beginning. On the other hand, the dream means that a decision you have made will be the last.

To dream that you forgot to put something in the will represents the characteristics or qualities you want to teach your descendants and have them adopt them. Dreaming that you are reading a will means you are ready to enjoy the benefits of your hard work. On the other hand, it means that you will be rewarded for your efforts. Dreaming of wills, property, money, inheritance, etc. is common in people with financial problems; That is to say that those dreams are a reflection of their needs.

Usually the meaning is that it will be crossed by complicated family situations, full of disputes that will originate because of material interests. It will be a very difficult time to clarify the situation, so affective losses can be definitive and, in many cases, have to resort to justice to solve things.

In the field of business there will be no luck, because these will be adversely affected by various circumstances. We must have patience to overcome this difficult stage, because better times will come.

If you dream that you are sitting in your living room, in complete solitude and in a haggard mood, and begin to write a will, where you leave your assets to your children or family, it means that at some point in the week Someone will reveal a secret or give a news that would greatly hurt him.

If you dream that you are present in the reading of a family member’s will, it presages that some family member will fall ill. If you see in your dream that a person is burning the will that favored you, it means that someone wants to cheat you, be careful with selfish people. If you dream that the will is the one you leave to people who are not familiar, it presages that there is the point that there is a family quarrel.


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