Dream with Thinness

Being thin in sleep indicates loss of friends or social circle. You will also have a break in your relationship. People’s view of you will be negative because of their low weight.

Others also indicate that dreaming of thinness symbolizes a healthy and sensual body. The presage of good auras, positive energy in their environment and self-confidence.

Dreaming of thin pigs predicts health discomfort and many economic losses. You should be prepared to counteract the bad auras influences. It is advisable to take care of food to maintain good health.

Dreaming of thin black cats augurs many risks in the work environment, conflicts and stress. Dark boys represent too much negative charge, the projects that are currently managing in your company can bring many problems to you.

Thin, but not sick, turkeys announce economic improvements in their business, increased customers and increased profit margin. It is an ideal dream for any entrepreneur or businessman, since it will be very favorable financially.

Dreaming of steers rather thin, often involves problems at work and business until bankruptcy. In addition, people who will be wishing you bad luck and away from your trusted workers.

If you dream of seeing an individual lose weight, it advertises prosperity and many financial benefits. On the one hand, if you are a worker, promotion in your position or new proposals for employment. On the other hand, in business it augurs many sales, but keeping a low profile, since its profits will be for a time not very long.

If you dream of looking thinner than it really is, it means you will have health problems or even have them, you should self-evaluate and improve your diet, otherwise it could augur chronic illness.


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