Dream with Hen

To dream that hears cackling the hens, is a sign of problems influences by bad people who only speak badly of one or gossip without foundation. You should avoid these individuals because they will only generate more problems in your environment.

Dreaming about hens indicates that you will receive news of a person close to you, for possible economic bankruptcy, whether by dismissal, lack of work or low sales in your business.

If you dream of hen’s eggs, it means that you will have many profits or abundance in your business, you will be able to sell all your merchandise, but only in a short period of time. You must take advantage of your surplus in reinvesting or saving as much money as possible.

If the hen pecks you in your sleep, it is a warning that you have debts to pay or catch up. This would affect your financial reputation and would complicate future credits that you wish to apply to either a person or a bank.

To dream that she is beheading a black hen, insinuates that she will contract prosperous and happy marriage, of long duration in his life, with high and low, but that will be able to face the adversities that will have.

Hunt a hen in her dream means that she will soon get a new job, where she can develop her full potential and be rewarded for her effort. Capturing the hen with your hands also insinuates good positive energy with your friends and loved ones.


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