Dream with Skip

Dreaming jumping for no apparent reason can mean that you have enough energy, ability and enthusiasm to succeed in what you undertake and thus achieve prosperity and a comfortable life.

When a woman dreams of jumping from a height or a difficult obstacle, it can mean that she will triumph in what she proposes. Dreaming that jumps means you need to take risks in life, to achieve your goals. It represents a decision-making ability, which will help you to succeed and need to progress, to achieve your goals.

To dream of jumping objects with a certain degree of difficulty implies that one has the capacity to triumph over the problems that arise; But when jumping falls to the ground, indicates risks. If he dreams that he has to make a jump, but is not capable, he means that he is afraid of uncertainty. He does not like changes.

To dream that you are jumping over some object means that you will succeed in every attempt; But if it jumps and fails, it means bad luck in business is going to complicate life. To dream that he jumps a wall and falls, means he will go wrong in love, he will not be right in his decisions and luck will not accompany him.


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