Dream with Dump

It is interpreted by a man who suffers privations and who works for the benefit and comfort of others. He is also a person who tries to accumulate money. Seeing or meeting during dreams in a dump or landfill is usually an announcement of the arrival of a period with many and serious disorders, particularly unfavorable.

Presage of unfavorable circumstances for their interests. Serious concerns, disputes and litigation. Instability in the home. Delicate health. Disagreements may arise with partners or family members and this seriously affects our projects by bringing them to an end.

As far as garbage is concerned, it means a lot to the poor. To the dreamer he points to his wife who will be pregnant; Is a fortune, various goods.

The excrement of goats, sheep, etc., indicates prosperity of the farmers. If he dreams of trash cans, he does not expect good vibrations either. In general it announces unfavorable circumstances for its interests, especially economic ones.


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