Dream with Power

To dream of having power is a sign that is in concern to achieve your proposed goals. On the one hand, it will put all your skills and abilities in gear. On the other hand, it is a dream of much responsibility for the decisions that will be made, because it will affect the people in your environment for better or for worse.

To dream that you possess much power means that you are indulging in your position; That is, it may be negatively affecting the people around you. Other psychoanalysts suggest the reverse, meaning that the dreamer may feel despised.

To dream that it is very powerful and influences the lives of others, predicts that the people closest to the dreamer have a lot of power and create a negative environment for you. Therefore, you must stay away from those people for a while. In this way, you will be able to look better favored and create a more friendly environment and conflicts.

The dreamer who abuses his power is an indication of a very busy and unsatisfied life of the treatment of his superiors. Abuse of power in sleep also suggests aggressive and confrontational behavior with anyone.

Dreaming of power is related to desire, longings not yet realized, but soon to bear fruit of your efforts. It is also an omen to develop more the intellectual capacity and make coherent decisions to the situation that lives, in that way can counteract any problem that arises.


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