Dream with Cold

In the Arab dream-science the cold must be interpreted as poverty; More if the dreamer feels it and is protected by the rays of the sun, will improve their economic situation. Likewise, he who is disturbed by the strong rays of the sun and takes shelter in the shade, sign is that he will be saved from troubles and afflictions.

In the summer the cold in the dream means many material benefits such as money, good harvest, precious tapestries and regal clothes. When someone dreams of being cold and – then is surprised by a storm, sign is that it will pass from a poverty to a greater one.

If he seeks to warm himself with fire, embers, embers or steaming flames, he indicates that miseries will go to the service of the government; May also mean taking advantage of the orphans’ money.

If he only found smoke in the dream, when he wants to be comforted, it is an omen of grave danger. If you dream that you are very cold, it is because you are repressing yourself in exposing some feelings and you are moving away from people or you are indifferent to others around you.


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