Dream with Dock

If you dream of a prediction spring you will enjoy a long trip planned for the near future. If in his dream he saw ships moored in a spring portent that his wishes were fulfilled.

If you dream that you are alone in a spring portent you will have conflicts and many problems. If in his dream he was on a dock with another person, it is an omen that he must be forewarned of a grave danger.

Dreaming that you see many people strolling on a pier announces that you should pay more attention to personal matters. To dream that he sees workers working on a spring portent that he will receive good economic income, to dream that he sees mariners passing through a spring portent of happiness in his future.

Dreaming alone on a pier with boats in sight hints at the desire to make a long journey, with probabilities of being realized. On the other hand, if there are mists and darkness, it indicates that problems approach, and if there is a storm threat, then the problems will be more serious and difficult to solve.

Dreaming on a dock simply by watching the sea or the boats hints that you will have to work very hard to achieve success. To dream that he is trying to reach a pier, but without success, insinuates that his pretensions are difficult to satisfy; That is, it is too ambitious.


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