Dream with Lizard

Dreaming of a lizard presages that we are going to the wrong side or in the wrong way in terms of economic, social and emotional, it is best to rethink the decisions we have made and correct as necessary.

If we dream of a lizard is a symbol of awkwardness, slowness, anguish and people who seek vengefully affect us, we must be wary of people not very close to us that surround us in the work or personal.

Dreaming of a lizard or iguana that makes a wall or jump a very high fence, indicates that we are coming out of the problems we have had and we are on track in our proposed goals.

The lizard represents things hidden from ourselves or events from the past that have happened to us, to become aware of the decisions that we are going to decide or to correct the inconsequential life that we carry.

If you dream of killing an iguana or lizard, it indicates that we are striving for the bad people who want to harm us on a spiritual level, it is best to keep pushing away the lizards in order to be better emotionally.

If you are a woman and you dream of lizards, it means that a bad streak is coming or unprofitable events, sometimes it could cause you sadness or disappointment.

Dreaming of lizards in general is a bad omen of bad things to come, you may find out about some illness you did not know, whether it be a family member, friend or loved one.


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