Dream with Boxing

If you dream that you are fighting in a boxing ring, you encourage one of the fights, it means that you put all your hopes in a person.

Boxers in sleep often represent attacks of anger and aggression, so if you dream of a boxer suggests that in our environment there are people of difficult character, who can not control their emotions and it is necessary to avoid discussions with her .

Dreaming about a boxer means that your success will depend on the outcome of the conflict in which you are enveloped, aggressive, worried.

To see in dreams being a boxer indicates risk of conflict, fears of receiving grievances from people whom we consider as friends. In some cases, this dream evidences our affinity with aggressiveness and courage.

See boxing or sleep that you are a boxer, suggesting that you are experiencing some internal or conflicting struggles. The results of conflicts and discussions that are generated in real life will be represented in the dream, depending on whether you win or lose the battle, you will also get success or failure in our situations.

Sleep can also be a pun on “boxing.” It is suggested that you are limiting yourself and your goals / ideas. It can also indicate that you keep within your emotions. If you dream that you are a boxer, it means that you are acting decisively and decisively to deal with the problems you have, you must protect yourself and take care of the adult people.


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